Living Appropriately: Musings From a History Teacher in Colombia



Last Saturday was Confucius’ birthday, which is also traditionally celebrated in China and here in Taiwan as “Teacher’s Day” (as Confucius was himself a teacher too). I wasn’t really aware of this until I got another round of touching cards from some of our students on Friday. I received probably about ten or so of these, and they all made my day. It would be nice to post a pic of all of them, but for the sake of space here are a couple of my favorites that I received:


In case you’re interested in learning a little bit more about Confucius and his life, here is a link to a pretty good article. I took an Asian History class while in undergrad but have unfortunately forgotten much of it, so I’ve been enjoying revisiting him a bit recently too.

How Confucius’ Birthday Is Celebrated

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Andrew Leniton