Living Appropriately: Musings From a History Teacher in Colombia

The students are arriving back at school today and classes start tomorrow after about 2-1/2 weeks off.  I took advantage of the time to take a break from posting to the blog for a while too, so to ease back into things I’m just going to post a number of random pictures that I didn’t get the chance to get up before the break; some of them are from the Christmas holiday here at school, while others are from a bit earlier in the semester. Oh, and for any of you who might be reading this from back in Iowa right about now: stoke those fires and stay warm! For remembrance’s sake when I might go back and read this later, the midwest is having the coldest weather they’ve had in about 20 years right now, with windchills around -45F or something ridiculous like that. I won’t rub it in and tell you what our weather is like right now, but safe to say it’s not colder than the South Pole (literally) at the moment. Good grief.

Anyway, here are a couple shots that I took during a beautiful evening last October from the small road that meanders back behind our school:


This is a rice field


This is the same rice field

This is a shot of myself and Emily, our student body President. She’s also a great singer and regularly performs solos at school functions:


This is Vivian–she beat me 325 to 70 in this basketball game!! She is a machine, I would seriously bet on her vs. Kevin Durant…and pretty hilarious to boot. 🙂


Here are a couple shots from our Christmas Assembly before the break. All of the students from 7th-12th grade are randomly broken up into “houses” for the sake of a year-long competition that takes into account both academic and extracurricular activities. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the various houses all drew a random part of the school to help decorate for the holidays–I thought whatever house was assigned to the auditorium did a really nice job with all the reindeer cutouts as you can see in the top pic below. The house that I was assigned to be the leader of this year (1st year teachers are typically picked to be house leaders, to encourage them to jump directly into the activity mix) is Archimedes…and we are the best! Or at least we were last year, haha.  We’ve actually got our work cut out for us at this point if we are going to defend the overall crown, but the year’s only half over. We are a tough and resilient bunch and as my mom always says, “the turtle wins the race!” Anyway, the pic on the bottom below is many of our Archimedes team before going up to perform their Christmas songs during the recital.


Christmas Assembly in the auditorium

Archimedes, defending champs!

Archimedes, defending champs!

Here is a pic of our varsity boys’ basketball team taking on a rival private school in an (outdoor!) home game last November. And the other is of Claire, one of our seniors who I caught for a candid shot right before she performed on the violin at the Christmas concert.

Boys B-ball vs. Morrison, Nov. 2013

Boys B-ball vs. Morrison, Nov. 2013

Clare. She's pretty funny too. :)

Claire. She’s pretty funny too. 🙂

And here is one last shot of a few more Xmas cards I got from students in December:



And that’ll do it for my first blog post in 2014.  Happy New Year everybody and I promise it won’t be another six weeks until my second!




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Andrew Leniton